Cambridge Bridges

Over the river cam there are nine bridges from Silver Street Bridge to Magdalen Bridge that offer a magnificent walk on any day.

During the warmer months travel by punt for the best views and part of a fun day out for all.  Punting along the river and under the nine bridges is a most rewarding experience not be missed.  Self-drive or chauffeured punts are readily available from Magdalen Bridges and Silver Street Bridge.

From south to north look out for Silver Street Bridge, Mathematical Bridge, Kings Bridge, Clare Bridge, Garret Hostel Bridge, Trinity Bridge, Johns Bridge, Bridge of Sighs, and Magdalen Bridge.

Some Bridges have different names as Johns Bridge is often called Kitchen Bridge and Magdalen Bridge is known as Maudyn Bridge.  Just to add to this the river cam south of Silver Street is locally known as River Granta!

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